HK meeting with Japan tram artist

It was my pleasure to meet Matsuda Koichi 松田浩一 on May 20th at Western Market.
Koichi san visited Hong Kong in 2014 and very impressed by the colourful trams, and started photographing the trams at Shaukeiwan terminus for five years. Selected from over 10,000 tram photos, Koichi san chose 350 featuring as a “tram photos billboard” on Millennium car 170 for celebrating 115th years of Tramways in 2019. He felt proud of creating a real tram with his photos, followed by various tram exhibition in Japan during these years.
See you soon!

April HK meeting

It was truly a pleasure to meet Ciril on the afternoon of April 11th at HK Park. We had a wonderful conversation about a range of topics, including the HK tram rolling stock, other forms of transportation, and his past trip to HK in the 1970s.
Ciril is the father of Walter, First Counsellor & Head of Trade Section at the European Union Office in Hong Kong and Macao.
I was thrilled to be able to give him a copy of my book, ‘Hong Kong Trams – The City’s Heritage,’ and a magazine that would be helpful for him in drafting another transport article about HK. I am looking forward to reading it.

【香港情懷電車展】Tram Lovers Exhibition

日期:2021年10月29日 ~ 11月28日
時間:中午12:00 ~ 晚上20:00
地點:天后 電氣道54號 亨環.天后 10樓 (59E 興發街電車站/地鐵天后站A2出口)

現場展出珍貴電車圖片及電車模型,感謝 Hong Kong Tramways 香港電車 借出珍貴實物,務求令您置身 #電車博物館。

Tram Lovers Exhibition
Date: 29/10 – 28/11
Time: 12:00 noon – 20:00
Venue: Park Fair Hong Kong
10/F, 54 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong (59E Hing Fat Street tramstop/MTR Tin Hau Exit A2)

Free entry! Come and walk through our popup Hong Kong Tram Museum with historic photographs, scale models and rarely seen tram artefacts.
Our thanks to Hong Kong Tramways for generously offering us historical items. Don’t miss out!
Welcome to join the workshops & guided tours every Saturdays and Sundays making your own Lego tram!


#電車展覽 #博物館 #museum #exhibition

Hong Kong Tramways book

It’s my greatest pleasure collaborating with John Prentice on this first-class book of Hong Kong Tramways. Amazingly, John and I haven’t meet in person – we started contact via emails when I was impressed by his large size HK tram model. We worked on this book with the office of Mr. W. H. Tsang who has been acknowledged, just as the co-authors, Peter Atkinson and Alan Williams of the first edition had done with generous assistance from Mr. J H W Salmon.

John visited Hong Kong in 1981,  1990 and 2005 and supplied numerous valuable photos in the book. He is the Chairman of the Tramway & Light Railway Society, a registered educational charity that spreads knowledge about tramway history and tramway modelling, John also organizes the annual event, Festival of Model Tramways, a gathering of model tram enthusiasts.

Alan Williams served in the Royal Navy and worked with Atkinson on the first edition in 1965, published in 1970. Being a tram enthusiast and tram driver, Alan has enjoyed his time working with us for this book and is happy with our new edition. He set up the Tramalan kit of his beloved Hong Kong trams of 1950s style and regularly visits Hong Kong.

On 9 February afternoon, Alan visited the Whitty Street tram depot, accompanied by Antoine Sambin, Commercial & Corporate Affairs Manager. The workshop is unique – trams are built in-house, the individual parts are produced in-house too. It’s memorable for Alan holds the 1st edition book together with Antoine holds the new edition.

It’s generous of the co-authors, Alan and John, to sign their names in the book. A pity is Peter cannot be with us.

Steven Chan, senior engineering manager for Hong Kong Tramways, praised the outcome of the new edition. Chan was an aircraft mechanic before joining the company in 1996, drew up the plans for electrical upgrades on trams, keep using DIY equipment and homespun techniques. Chan has retired and working as consultant for HKT.

I took a view of the book and tram 120 together before sending a copy to Wirral Transport Museum, where two HK trams of 1950s style are running. A great surprise received from the museum on 21 January when the volunteers showed the book with two HK trams parked ‘face to face’. It is definitely a special crossover for both trams in HK and UK, feeling like they are running together.


Yip Woon-cheong has worked for Hong Kong Tramways for over 40 years, introduced by his uncle. Yip’s parents and brother also worked on the trams. He joined the company in 1965 and became an inspector then promoted to senior inspector (副總稽查), training the drivers until his retirement. Yip is a ‘dictionary on trams’ and has a great collection of tram models. The photos in the book bring back his memories.


I have to also express gratitude to Tim Runnacles (溫禮高), who supplied fruitful pictures and descriptions for the post-1970 section. Tim was a Chief Transport Officer of the Transport Department, worked on the Tuen Mun LRT scheme from 1977 to 1985, and associated with Hong Kong Tramways and the Peak Tram from 1985 to 1993.  He also undertook a consultancy study of HKT for Transport Department from 1999 to 2001.

The management of HK Tramways is impressed on the fruitful book contents, and is now available on sale on HKT website.

Detailed book reviews can be found from the below pdf and the link.